Man, I really bomb at making videos. As soon as I start to edit, I begin nit-picking. I always feel like if I'm going to edit something together, it should be my best work.. like a showcase of how much parkour has taught me over the years. But looking over the footy, I know I could have done better, so I erase everything and start over again.

So I'm forgetting that mindset. I'm just going to film when I have a camera on me, and make videos that depict what I happen to be working on at that point in time. Not videos that center on distance, or "bigness" of a technique.

So here's #1. Cowen Park October.


Media shortage!

So, looks like the media I promised from the Soiree is actually non-existent. We were so busy doing stuff, that none of it really got filmed. I actually prefer it that way, but next time I'm roping in someone specifically to film. Hopefully, with this future footy I'm anticipating, and the bits and pieces of conditioning we got on tape, I can compile something awesome in the next month or so.

Until then, I guess I'll start working on my own vidstuffs. :)