It's been a little while since I've posted, so I figured I'd catch you all up on what's been happening.

First of all, I've been chatting for the past few months with various members of the Latin American community about flying down, training, and setting up some femme jams this summer in various locations. Super exciting stuff! I'll keep you all posted as more information gets set in stone.

Secondly, I discovered a really awesome and affordable gymnastics gym just outside of Seattle that I'm now haunting as a gym rat. The community in this gym are just the sort of people I love hanging out with; happy, driven, and excited to see others succeed. The mat burns are completely worth it. :)

Thirdly, I'm heading back to Texas on Thursday to meet up and train with some good old friends from around the nation that I haven't seen in a while. Should be a fun and exhausting week.

Yep, I'm a lucky girl.



A new twist on some things you might have seen other places. Creativity drills at Gasworks Park.



Out this double paned, be-snowflaked airplane window, Miami is shrinking all too fast into a sea of highway cobwebs. My grubby, torn-up hands in sharp contrast with the manicured nails of the stewardess as she hands me my drink. This has been one hell of a week.

The goal for this trip was to head down to lovely Miami and partake in the filming of an action flick filmed by some really dedicated friends of ours. All of the characters are based off of super heroes/villians, and Tyson and I were brought on to play baddies. Sounds like fun, eh? Oh yes.

The crew:
Steve, playing the role of Parker (spiderman). A very sweet, very capable, and very tired fella who should sleep for a week.
Austin, playing Logan (wolverine). A quiet, badass kind of hero who just took a huge beating on set this week.
Adrian, playing Castle (the punisher). Incredible stuntman, incredible friend, incredible traceur.
Jaime, playing Selina (catwoman). Rocking awesome chick, perfect for the part.
Tyson, playing Brock (venom). I never knew he was that good at stunt falls and combat scenes.
Eddie, Eric, Rick, and Jared, awesome Miami PK traceurs brought to set to kick ass. Mission accomplished.
Pete, Natalie, Karin, Adam, Andy, etc etc etc..these folks are as dedicated to their art as we are to ours.
Aaaand me. I played Lynn, the "lady punisher". As ruthless as she is loyal. As bruised as she is happy, which is very.

I'm not going to spoil the film by writing a synopsis here, but I'll let you know that there are only a few pages of dialogue, and masses of action scenes. Just a few of the b.t.s. highlights: New to stunt-fights, I accidentally really smacked Austin quite a few times, in quite a few places. Tyson was hit with multiple flying tables, thrown like frizbees behind his back. Jaime did the fastest muscle-up ever... and I'm not telling how. And Adrian got so in to his character he started to smash pretty things. SMASH!

In between the 5pm to 5/6am call times, we found time to hit up a local gymnastics facility called Octaviano's (highly recommended if you're in the area), eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse (Dios Mio.. so good), climb coconut trees and bash open the findings, tase ourselves (zappity zap zap), chase kittens, create a new sideshow act centered around a newspaper box, and turn 21. Whee!

I can't wait to go back! Next on the itinerary is Vancouver Canada, and then off to Texas at the end of February. The tricky bit is that I've lost all interest from "normal" employers because of my crazy schedule. Wish me luck on finding work that understands my need to be able to leave at the drop of a hat, be consistently a little bruised up, and unable to work weekends and nights due to parkour classes and workshops. ; )